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Last Updated: April 14 2007 20:29

ZoomForge Technologies is committed to ensuring your privacy and safety. As such, we have outlined our policies on our gathering and use of information below:

System Information
ZoomForge logs your IP, OS version, and browser information. This data will not be shared with any third parties. We use this information to build a better understanding of the platforms our customers are using to optimize our software to take advantage of our customers' systems' potentials.

We use e-mail as a medium to provide support and customer service to our users. We will not, under any circumstances, reveal or sell your e-mail address to third parties.

Third Parties
ZoomForge will not sell or distribute any user information to third parties. We are committed to ensuring your privacy and our information will remain in our databases. If we do not need the data, the logging of it will immediately yield, and our databases will be cleaned.

Web Applications
Web applications which encompass such internet utilities as forums and support software may require e-mail activation to ensure that the accounts being registered are legitimate and not bot users. Also, realize that any information disclosed in forums or chatrooms become public domain so we advise that you exert caution before releasing private information. We will not log or disclose your information if you happen to use our support software or wish to contact us.

External Links
The ZoomForge site contains links to other sites. ZoomForge is not responsible for the privacy policies and content related to these sites.

ZoomForge uses Paypal to manage transactions. ZoomForge will not file your credit card or other sensitive information. ZoomForge only stores customer names, contact information, and the Paypal transaction ID to ease the processes involved in customer service and support. The Paypal privacy policy is available here.

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