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Guardian Storage
Does your business lose millions of dollars everytime a virus hits? Do you suffer from having your children inadvertently deleting your important files? Do you have passwords saved in various locations of your hard drive? Don't be vulnerable to data loss and theft! Guardian Storage offers a revolutionary method for hiding and organizing your files in such a way that no one - not even hackers - will have ever known the files existed!

.NET Controls
ZoomForge has several solutions for developers using Microsoft's .NET Framework. We provide .NET controls for the code that powers our products. Whether you want to utilize the power of BlitzProbe's metadata-driven searches or the security of GuardianFS, ZoomForge has tools readily available for you!

SGK Encryption Algorithm
SGK (Self-Generating Key) Encryption is an innovative encryption algorithm introducing a groundbreaking concept in encryption. SGK is a prototype one-way encryption algorithm to display the concept and philosophy behind SGK. SGK is royalty-free, unpatented, and plants the roots for more complex and advanced algorithms based on similar principles.
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