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SGK Encryption

SGK (Self-Generating Key) Encryption is an innovative one-way encryption algorithm. SGK is similar to other one-way encryption algorithms (commonly known as digital signature algorithms) in that it cannot be or is difficult to decrypt. SGK differs from other such algorithms due to the method it uses.

SGK encrypts itself by using itself as the encryption key. Therefore, criminals will be theoretically incapable of retrieving or decrypting your data without the original copy!

SGK is a prototype algorithm that demonstrates the concept of "self-generating keys." Our application of SGK is by no means an accurate display of SGK's possibilities. Our primary objective is to pave the road for more complex algorithms based on SGK. SGK is open-source, unpatented, royalty-free, and can be freely modified and redistributed under the terms of the GPL. For more information on the GPL (General Public License), please refer to GNU.org.

SGK was developed in Visual C++. The C++ code works with the ISO/ANSI C++ standard, and should be able to function across various platforms. We have also tried to provide translations of the code, but please realize that we cannot guarantee consistency with each translation. Due to restrictions of various languages, not all translations will output the same results as the original C++ version. We have tried our best to maintain the highest level of accuracy. Nevertheless, the purpose of any source code provided is not to introduce a new feasible encryption for practical use, but to demonstrate the concept and philosophy behind SGK. We believe that you can take our principle philosophy and advance it further. All that we ask is that credit be given to the developer, ZoomForge, or the SGK concept if derivative or improved works are created from the SGK philosophy.

C++ Source Code 19.9 kb
C# Source Code (.NET Framework 1.1) 14.0 kb
Windows Binary Console Demo (C++ Compilation) 58.7 kb
.NET Framework v.1.1.4322 (Required for C# Source Code) 23.7 MB

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