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Are you impressed by the power of ZoomForge products? Would you like to utilize the same engine(s) that drive ZoomForge's products? If so, ZoomForge has a solution for you given that the engine you're searching for was built on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Guardian File System
Developed in: Visual C# .NET 2003, Visual C++ 6.0, .NET Framework v1.1.4322
GuardianFS (Guardian File System) is a virtual file system built on top of NTFS. It is the driving force behind Guardian Storage, and offers power while maintaining effectiveness. IntelliSense comments are included with this package. The included functions are as follows:

  • Import File
  • Delete File (optional parameter for customizing file bit deletion rate)
  • Delete Tag
  • Strip tag from a file
  • Create empty tag
  • Apply a tag to a file
  • Retrieve tag size (cumulative size of all files inside tag)
  • Lock/Unlock file
  • Lock/Unlock tag (optional parameter to specify if all files inside a tag should be locked)
  • Check if file/tag is locked
  • Check if given password is the password to unlock a tag/file
  • Check if a file/tag exists within GuardianFS
  • Export File (optional parameter for customizing file bit exportation rate)
  • Run file/run locked file
  • Retrieve files count
  • Retrieve filenames array
  • Get file size (option of a long or string return value)
  • Retrieve number of tags
  • Retrieve tag names array
  • Get number of files inside a file/tag
  • Find tags associated with a file
  • Get last error message

  • BlitzProbe Search
    Developed in: Visual C# .NET 2003, .NET Framework v1.1.4322
    BlitzProbe is the search engine responsible for Guardian Storage's swift searches. Utilizing metadata searching and indexing, BlitzProbe is able to return results of a search quickly with a plethora of data regarding the result files. BlitzProbe provides an easy and comprehensive method for searching through files or databases. IntelliSense comments are included with this package. The included functions are as follows:

  • Index File
  • Remove filename from index database
  • Update tag information in a file's metadata (mainly for GuardianFS)
  • Check if a file is indexed
  • Search (case sensitive and find exact options are available)

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